Sanitized Cat Litter - Premium Quality

BioSand Fine SuperClumping Litter is a compact litter composed of natural mineral bentonite. The litter is made so fine that liquids cannot reach the bottom of the litter tray, trapping them in very small, compact balls scented with honeysuckle. The speed and remarkable clumping power of BioSand Fine SuperClumping Litter enables dirt to be completely removed, leaving the remaining litter perfectly clean and dry.

Pack weight 7,5 Kg
Granule size 0,5-1,5 mm
Water absorption >250%
Apparent density 1 kg/L

Pack / pallet 140
Pallet size LxDxH (cm) 80x120x135
Pallet weight (kg) 1.070

Pack / CONTAINER pallet 128
Pallet size LxDxH (cm) 114x114x105
Pallet weight (kg) 990


BioSand Fine SuperClumping Cat Litter



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