Sanitized Cat Litter - Premium Quality

BioSand Clumping Litter is composed of premium grade 100% natural bentonite, which clumps on contact with the cat waste forming a ball for easy removal. It undergoes a powerful drying process to increase its absorbing power and thereby prolong its efficacy.

BioSand Scented Clumping Litter is enriched with a delicate honeysuckle essence only released when wet, so the sensitive smell of your cat is not irritated.

Pack weight 10 kg or 5 kg
Granule size 1-5 mm
Water absorption >100%
Apparent density 1 kg/L

Pack / pallet 99 (10kg) - 196 (5kg)
Pallet size LxDxH (cm) 80x120x135
Pallet weight (kg) 1.010

Pack / Container pallet 90 (10kg) - 200 (5kg)
Pallet size LxDxH (cm) 114x114x105
Pallet weight (kg) 930(10kg) - 1020(5kg)

BioSand - Cat Litter - Clumping

Bio Sand - Cat Litter - Clumping Scented


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